I am Elliot Kehler.
Independent game developer, writer, and music producer. My primary focus lies today on continued support for A-STAR THEFT.

As a generalist creative individual, I have found that my specialty does not lie in any specific discipline or topic, but rather in the art of merging these discrete components to intuitively come together in a larger whole.


My first tip-toeing into game development started in early 2014, when I discovered YoYoGames' GameMaker 8.1, with which I promply began the creation of the beautiful masterpiece once known as Bob vs Bert. I hope to someday rediscover pictures of this eighth wonder of the world. My friend and I worked on this project as wee-little 13 year old boys. It was incredible to actually make something ourselves, as we had envisioned years before.

After a few months of experimentation and making crude adaptations of other media such as Grand Theft Auto V, it was time to do something a bit bigger. I began building a "faithful" recreation of my favorite game at the time - Payday 2. For the next 6 years, this would become the focus of my life. From 7th grade to graduating upper secondary school, through hardship and mental devestation, on this one thing I never gave up. Friday August 28 2020, a mere weekend before beginning my years of college,
A-STAR THEFT was released.