I like to think of my self as a free-spirited game designer, where no idea is off limits - it is all about proper implementation.

Over the course of nine years, I have been working on A-STAR THEFT. It is through this game that much of my practical skills have been forged.
On this page, you will discover what choices I made when developing the game.


  • The combat in A-STAR THEFT is designed to feel snappy and intense. Whether fighting police drones in tight corners or vaulting over cars, the player has the final choice.
  • Players can use the environment to their advantage. This may be by dodging bullets, destroying a wall, blocking off a path, or trapping their enemies in toxic gas.
  • Combat is almost weightless, but in the best possible way. Quick motions and fast reaction times are fundamental to the chaotic fighting experience.


  • The non-playable characters exist to faciliate gameplay. This means that they are quite primitive, which in turns leads to predictability.
  • Every NPC has a purpose, and that purpose is known to the player immediately. Guards, civilians, police and crew all have custom states to maximize fun.
  • Characters behave in a manner which furthers the player's goals. That goal, first and foremost, is to have fun.


  • You could say that every level is one big puzzle. World interaction is the core of a good stealth experience in A-STAR THEFT.
  • Characters are deliberately positioned to play a role in the puzzle design. A set of NPCs in the environment provide a challenge. One may choose to be clever, or to be a brute, when tackling these obstacles.
  • Players can manipulate the environment to alter the puzzles. Every wall is destructible, distractions can be used, and NPCs are affected by the time of day.


  • The primary narrative experience is created by segments of story in between missions. This enables the levels themselves to be as unrestricted as possible.
  • Your friends will often talk to you both on- and off-mission to establish lore, character, and (hopefully) a sense of humor.
  • Missions are designed to represent the hot and arid city of San Dinero. A sprawling world has been created for the game, filled with history and characters.


  • The graphics of A-STAR THEFT was intially a consequence of limited experience. However, it has since developed into a cozy and charming style.
  • I utilize an advanced lighting engine to create day and night time, altering both the visual style and NPC behavior.
  • My goal has been to create an appropriate art style to faciliate storytelling and gameplay clarity. When realism is forgone, personality can flourish.


  • Different strategies provide different experiences to the player. I wanted to reflect this in the music as well. Stealth, intimidation and action gameplay have unique music styles.
  • The music is comprised of a large amount of tracks in various genres. This helps setting the proper tone of map. Certain missions also have specially tailored music.
  • The music has been remastered over time, to always be up to date with my more recently developed skills.