Digital music creation is one of my favorite parts of game development. I started in 2019, and have since experimented in several genres while making almost all the music in A-Star Theft by myself.

[Unnamed] Orchestral Track
My newest track, most distinct from my previous work.
[Unnamed] Music 11
This is probably the best track currently available in A-Star Theft.
[Work In Progress] Heavy Track
A work-in-progress version of a new heavy music track.
"Steady Hands At Work"
An electronic rock track. Simple, but exciting to listen to.
"Goin' Steamrollin'"
The heaviest track in A-Star Theft.
"He's A Baller"
A funky electronic track, remastered from an old version.
"Escaping Snake"
My first track, first produced in 2019.