A-STAR THEFT  -  My 10 year journey

My most important project. Through developing A-Star Theft, I have learned all disciplines of game development: Including design, programming, graphics, audio and writing.

2024 marks my 10 year aniversary of game development, and of this game. While A-Star Theft is technically not my first project, it is the one that I have stood by for a decade.

Video game screenshot

I care about my craft, always striving for improvements. Since publishing A-Star Theft, I have released over 30 updates with graphical, audio, and gameplay upgrades.
Continous work on the game has made me a better designer in every regard.

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My current goal is to develop a remaster of the game, with a special focus on a reimagined narrative.

This new story is the one that I have wanted to tell since the game's release. With the experience gained through university and extensive iterative work, I believe that I have forged an immersive journey into the madness of the criminal underworld.

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I have put A-Star Theft through rigorous playtesting to solidify its quality in many aspects. Enjoyment and usability go hand-in-hand for an engaging experience.

SUNSET TRAIL  -  A connected world

My most ambitious project. I have developed several playable prototypes of a larger story taking place in San Dinero, the world created for A-Star Theft.

Video game screenshot

I have created a detailed world map of Sunset Trail. This pixel-art styled map depicts the city of San Dinero and its neighboring wilderness.

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Using Unreal Engine 5, this sculpted 3D map reveals what the world could look like in a high-fidelity environment. I used splines to create roads, and simple placeholder buildings to get a sense of the scale.


Double Trouble At Bank Noir is a university project developed by a larger team. My contribution lie mainly in the narrative design, creating backstories, character appearance, and guaranteeing gameplay congruency.

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Two players compete in a tug-of-war between the 1930s mafia and the bank. The mafia must steal the money and get it to their getaway car, while the bank defends their territory.

Video game screenshot

Each player stategically places cards on the blueprint, which changes how the game is played. Every round is unique!